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Kamal Memorial Scholarship - 2013/14
Kamal Memorial Scholarship - 2013/14
We provide an outlet to spend your vigorous energy in a positive direction.
We provide an outlet to spend your vigorous energy in a positive direction.
Appeal to stand with us for Unity,Integrity & Prosperity  of the Nation
Appeal to stand with us for Unity,Integrity & Prosperity of the Nation
DONATE US!  Contribution may raise a hope of schooling for a hopeless child
DONATE US! Contribution may raise a hope of schooling for a hopeless child
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'SEHYOG' for Jammu and Kashmir Flood Victims
Date 18/11/2014 05:06  Hits 2663  
Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, drought, blizzards, famine, fire, volcanic, a building collapse, or a transportation wreck as well as some human-caused disasters like war, lead to human suffering and create needs that the victims cannot alleviate without assistance. 
We are all aware that unprecedented floods have caused havoc in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in September 2014. A large number of persons have died or have been temporarily displaced. In the worst-ever floods to hit the state in 109 years, over 300 people have lost their lives while more than 9 lakh people have been evacuated from the affected areas by the armed forces. Property and infrastructure worth thousand crores of rupees have been damaged. About 80% of the city of Srinagar is inundated. Our fellow countrymen in Jammu and Kashmir need help at this critical hour to tide over the calamity and to rebuild their lives.
When any such disaster strikes, a variety of social organizations offers relief to the affected areas. Each organization has different objectives, expertise, and resources to offer, and several hundred may become involved in a single major disaster.
In the same way Jalandhar based NGO, SEHYOG Youth Association (Regd.) also step up to support and help the J&K flood victims. SEHYOG has donated Rs. 61,730/- and sent the cheque to Prime Minister Relief Fund. SEHYOG is a NGO so it works on “Self Help Basis”. It is not funded by Government or any other source on regular basis. So SEHYOG has arranged this donation from its well wishers and collection by the efforts of its workers and members. 
SEHYOG started the J&K relief process in association with iii-welfare on Sep 08, 2014 by collecting the donations and relief material. Organization has also sent the help in form of clothes, woolen, blankets along with the monetary help.
“We appeal you to all contribute & DONATE Generously for J&K flood victims as much as you can. Your volunteers, donation and any kind of support towards this relief work will make a difference.” said Arshdeep Singh, President SEHYOG YOUTH ASSOCIATION.
SEHYOG Youth Association (Regd.) having Head office in Jalandhar firstly discussed by the students in January, 2003.As the Punjabi word 'Sehyog' has the meaning that untidily with the co-operation of others every body can get more. If the youth associate the effort then the result may be more than 100%, So SEHYOG has its on space and identity in a very short period with its goals and achievements.
“We have a team of well qualified, smart working and highly skilled professionals who are always dedicated and work closely together to achieve SEHYOG’s goal.” added President, SEHYOG Youth Association. 
In addition, SEHYOG every year conduct a scholarship program that supports the tuition fee of selected and needy students, seeking to take an admission in Schools, Training Programs and Professional Courses & Education. As the main mission of SEHYOG is to literate the society, organization concludes Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself. Education for underprivileged Children is the key whether we are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights issues.
So recently this year SEHYOG has raised its Kamal Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 1 Lac to Rs.1,83,850 and contributed among the needy students. The aim of SEHYOG is to guide the youth for nation buildup. So to achieve this aim Sehyog approaches to a number of social welfare activities like Plantation, Sanitation, Polio Campaigns, Medical Camps, Sports and Cultural Events, Awareness Programs against  Female Foeticide, Drugs, AIDS, Pollution, Global Warming etc.
SEHYOG regularly update its activities through social networking, smart technology, print, IT and electronic media for objectives yield. So anybody can Join, Donate, Access and Follow the SEHYOG online at www.sehyog.ws. 
However In the event of a disaster, the government of the affected country conducts a needs assessment to determine what emergency supplies and personnel are required. Organizations like SEHYOG help victims fulfill unmet needs and play a vital role in effective disaster management. They also work to promote social, environmental, advocacy and human rights or political change on a broad scale or very locally. They play a critical part to help needy ones and in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.