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2012-01-21 17:30:26

A NGO “Sehyog youth Association (Regd.)” firstly discussed by the students in January,2003. Then the body formed on 26th January 2004 and registered on 5th June 2004 under SOCIETIES ACT XXI OF 1860 & PUNJAB AMENDMENT ACT,1957 With the spirit of Sympathy, Equality, Honesty, Yield, Onus, Gratitude. Punjabi word 'Sehyog' has the meaning that untidily with the co-operation of others every body can get more. If the youth associate the effort then the result may be more than 100% So, Sehyog Youth Association has its on space and identity in a very short period with its goals and achievements.
 We, the members of SYA appeal to the youth to stand with us for Unity, Integrity, prosperity and progress of the nation to strengthen the society. Our asso provides an outlet to spend your vigorous energy in a positive direction.